I have teamed up again with the talented Sandra (or Daffy as I like to call her), from Wild Daffodil to bring you another bit of silliness this Saturday.  Sandra is incredibly artistic and creative, and I just love the images she has created out of shells, stones and flowers.

One of the nicest things about Sandra’s blog is that you never know what she is going to get up to next, from beach art to knitted wigs, and mandalas to making spirals in her garden.

Meet our old pal Maggie the Poledancer, who is off to an audition for a part in the local Pantomime. Click here to meet some of her friends.

A Panto was coming to town

Maggie donned her best gown

She was going to an audition

For the Cinderella position

And didn’t want to let herself down.

The producers were very impressed

And thought that she was the best

Her smile so disarming

She won over Prince Charming

And outshone all of the rest.

Maggie’s career had come very far

From her lap dancing days in the bar

How she loved being on stage

But missed the large wage

She could get from the cash in her bra!

Image Courtesy of Sandra Dorey