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The Other Side of Christmas — December 19, 2017

The Other Side of Christmas

I wrote this post at the same time last year, and it is just as relevant now as it was then. For most of us, Christmas is a time of joy and happiness, however, there is the other side of Christmas too which for some is anything but.

For some Christmas morning

Is just another day

They won’t be eating turkey

And Santa didn’t stop with his sleigh


The old man, now a widower

Faces the day alone

His children are not bothered with him

They have families of their own


The young girl who ran away

After years of living a hell

The things her father did to her

Then threatened her not to tell


The wife who is too frightened

To say a word out-of-place

In case, she annoys her husband

And he punches her in the face


The hungry little toddler

Whose parents are so poor

They don’t even have the essentials

His bed is a mattress on the floor


There are people who can help them

To enjoy the festivities

If you want to join in

Then visit one of these websites, please!


NSPCC Children’s charity

Crisis Homeless charity

Refuge Sufferers of domestic abuse charity

Salvation Army Christian charity supporting vulnerable people

Age UK Supporting the elderly.

A Sparkle as my Guide — November 10, 2017

A Sparkle as my Guide

I wrote this poem about depression; how it makes me feel and getting through the other side.


In the depths of darkness and despair

I feel so alone, like no-one is there

Surrounded by dangers unseen and unheard

Trapped and frightened, like a caged bird

Thoughts so jumbled, make no sense

But pain and heartache are so intense

From the world, I just want to hide

And keep my feelings bottled up inside

But wait, there is something that has caught my eye

It looks blurry through the tears I cry

Yes, it’s shimmering and shining bright

A distant glimmer, shaft of light

It seems so very far away

But I know I can draw closer day by day

From my dark corner there is hope

And support to help me cope

The light grows brighter every day

My world has gone from black to grey

I continue onwards, spirits rising

My soul had started re-energizing

I came through the other side

With just a sparkle as my guide.


If you suffer with depression, I have written a post with some strategies I use for coping that might help, which you can read here.

What Music Defines Your Life? Some Very Special Songs From Mine — October 25, 2017

What Music Defines Your Life? Some Very Special Songs From Mine

As you may already know, from the post here, music is something that makes me happy, and I have taken my inspiration for today’s post from my local radio station. One of the presenters chats to a guest about music throughout their life, and I am going to write my take on it. You may also like to join in with Hugh’s weekly nostalgic look at some of his favourite music and add your own too as I have done. There are some cracking tracks on there to enjoy and take you back a few year too!

On the day that I was born, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ by Nancy Sinatra was number 1 in the UK charts. A good strong song, by a feisty woman,  with a  no-nonsense message! That’ll do for me; even if I still quite haven’t got the degree of feistiness that she has yet! I am getting there though. I am not as shy, by any means, as I was, and have become much more assertive.

One of the first records that I bought with my pocket-money was ‘Morning side of The Mountain’ By Donny and Marie Osmond. My older sister probably influenced me there, as she worshipped the Osmonds,  Donny in particular. I did, however, love them as well, and luckily, as she was older than me and could afford to buy their albums, I spent many a happy time with her listening to them.

As a little footnote to that story, about ten years ago, Donny was performing at Leeds Castle, which was not too far away from where we live, My sister and her friend had got tickets and invited me to go with them. It was wonderful. Beautiful surroundings on a balmy summer evening (no, it didn’t rain). He had a few large screens up which showed pictures of his family as they were then (which made me cry when I saw how old they all looked). The mostly middle-aged female crowd of around 6500, still swooned, and crooned along with him, singing his most famous numbers.

As a teenager, I was into all sorts of music, but I mainly remember ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Rainbow, as well as Meatloaf’s ‘ Bat out Of Hell’ album. My Mum and step-dad used to go away at weekends sometimes in their caravan by themselves. My older sister and brother would look after us, which was great as we would inevitably have a house party! I remember the extremely loud music, loads of teenagers, and a lot of smoking and drinking going on! However, it was pretty innocent really, as we never got busted.

I left home at 18 to join the army, which is where I initially met Mr Grump. For me ‘Love Is A Battlefield’ and ‘We Belong’ by Pat Benatar pretty much summed up our relationship back then! I also used to listen to a lot of Bruce Springsteen with my best mate Karen as well. She was responsible for Mr Grump and I getting back together 25 years later!

The song at my wedding to Miss Hap’s father was ‘Eternal Flame’ by the Bangles. A beautiful song and it was a good day; unfortunately though, the flame went out.

When I was in labour with Miss Hap, my two sisters were with me in the delivery room. It was a boiling hot evening around 11 pm, and I knew my daughter was about to be born. We had brought some CDs in with us to while away the hours, and for a bit of distraction. Anyway, as Miss Hap came into this world Tom Jones was belting out ‘It’s Not Unusual’. Probably not the first choice for many, but I love that number!

My step-dad was very good with Miss Hap when she was a baby; I had moved back home with him and Mum just before she was born, and they both doted on her. He would proudly push her pram around the town when we went out and was very good at soothing her when she cried (or bellowed, as she was VERY loud)! Sadly, he became ill with lung cancer and died when my daughter was only four years old. My Mum chose ‘ The Power of Love’ by Jennifer Rush for the funeral. A very emotional song that I find is still quite hard to hear.

Mr Grump and I decided that we would have a small, family wedding, and luckily for us, my brother-in-law is an excellent musician and singer. We chose ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol as one of the songs we would like him to sing for us, which was wonderful. He also sang ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles which we all love, and everyone sang along. A very touching moment. He and my sister recorded it for our 1st anniversary which was brilliant.

My Dad always loved the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. I think he and my step-mum had been to see it several times. When he sadly died a couple of years ago, she chose a couple of the songs from it for his funeral. However, for me, it was the hymn ‘Going Home’ that was more poignant, as well as very apt.

I know I said I was going to be upbeat, and yet  I have included some songs that have been at terribly sad occasions. However, they still evoke happy memories of two men that were very influential and positive figures in my life. It’s funny how we associate songs with people as well as events in our lives.

Do you have a particular song that is extra special in some way?

TJ’s Weekly Household Haiku Challenge – Calendar — January 16, 2016

TJ’s Weekly Household Haiku Challenge – Calendar


Today we have got ‘calendar’ by TJ for his weekly household haiku challenge prompt word. Mine is hanging up on a kitchen cupboard and as my memory is bad, I try to write down appointments and birthdays and stuff – that is if I can remember them in the first place!

Anyway, here are my takes on it this week:

Measurement of life:

happy days celebrated

Sad days reminisced



A Milestone is approaching

The dreaded five-o!


It Found Me Again. — December 15, 2015

It Found Me Again.

It creeps up unexpectedly

Just when things are going well

It digs its mighty claws in you

And drags you down to hell

There’s not always a trigger

To warn it is on its way

It is just ‘there’ in your head

When you wake up one day.

You try to get rid of it

And pretend that you’re ok

But it has got a hold on you

And will not go away

No one understands you,

Yesterday you were fine

How comes now you’re moody

And miserable all the time?

I thought I had you beaten

Or at least, kept you at bay

But you’ve come back to taunt me

And are here to stay.

Free For All Friday. — December 11, 2015

Free For All Friday.

It is already  Friday again!  The weeks are flying by so quickly at the moment, I can hardly keep up. The year has almost gone as well now with only a few more Fridays left.

I have found a few more posts for you about a variety of subjects which I am sure are going to impact on you in some way as they did on me.

Roughwighting We all love a compliment and this post shows that others may see us  differently than we see ourselves!

SD Gates This post is a very sad reflection of the times we live in. Unfortunately, though it is something that needs to be considered.

The V-Pub  Another reflection on the times we live in, and a very poignant song to go with it.

Nick Verron  I have not highlighted a particular post here for several reasons. This blog is not very old yet, and there are only a few posts, BUT they are all wonderful. This man is an absolute wonder! Talk about inspirational, this blog is the epitome of it.

So there you have my wonderful choices for this week. Please take a moment to visit these blogs if you haven’t already done so as they have so much to offer.

Happy Friday!

Friday Free-For-All — November 27, 2015

Friday Free-For-All

Yes, it’s back! My Friday-Free-For-All has returned after a temporary holiday whilst I took part in NaNoWriMo.

As usual, I have chosen some posts that have struck a chord with me in one way or another, either they are funny, sad, or inspirational in some way. I then wanted to share them with you in case you missed them, which would be a dreadful shame. Please take a moment to visit the blogs too as they have so many more wonderful posts to offer.

From This Day Forward I enjoyed this post as it is something that resonated with me. I am certainly guilty of this and need to take the advice given!

Steve Says If you want a laugh, then you must head on over to Steve’s blog. This festive fun had me laughing my head off! I know it is wrong of me to laugh, but I am secure in the knowledge that some of my stuff could probably end up somewhere like this in years to come!

John D Eccles In light of recent terrible events, this post was particularly poignant. Such a small thing to do,  that could change so much.

Waar mijn pen ligt, ben ik thuis This was absolutely beautiful. so simple yet touched me so much.

So there you have a few tasty morsels to keep you satisfied over the weekend. Enjoy.

Happy Friday!



Someone Just Walked Over My Grave. — September 24, 2015

Someone Just Walked Over My Grave.

“Nooooo, Get it off me!”

My mother’s anguished cries jolted me awake in my makeshift bed. My half-open eyes tried to focus in the darkness of the unfamiliar room. Silence. Eerie, stillness enshrouded me in a cloak of uneasiness. I shuddered, someone had just walked over my grave…


I awoke several hours later to the sound of the TV in the next room. I noticed Mum and Lewis had already got up. My younger sister Kat was stirring in her zed-bed, and  as she stretched and yawned, the bed springs squeaked in protest.

“Did you hear Mum last night Kat?

“No, why, were her and Lewis ‘at it?”

“Don’t be disgusting” I retorted, unnerved that it seemed to have only been me that had heard her.


After waiting an age to use the bathroom. (Eight people + one bathroom + an early start for a long trip = chaos, leg crossing, and frenzied banging on the door) I was hastily eating some toast that my sister-in-law Karen had rustled up for us all.

” Doug, is Bobby up yet? It is unusual for him not to be first up, especially today” Mum looked concerned. The events of the past few days had aged her considerably. Travelling from one end of the country to the other had been traumatic enough at such at time, especially when Nan had not been conscious when they had arrived.

The funeral yesterday had added an extra pallor to her face, highlighting the black smudges under her eyes.

” Please go and wake him up”, she begged Doug and Mark, my two brothers that had slept in the same room as my Uncle Bobby… although us kids never called him Uncle. He was special. Mum’s baby brother (despite now being 36) who was coming to live with us now that Nan had died, and we were all excited.

The boys had been gone for a good ten minutes, then they trooped into the room joined now by my other brother Charles, flanking Mum on all sides.

“We don’t know how to tell you this, Oh God Mum. Bobby is dead!”

The boys caught her as her legs buckled, and we all looked on in horror as an animalistic howl emanated from her body, which was now heaving and quaking with gut-wrenching sobs.

Lewis was by her side in instant, and Karen ushered the rest of us into the kitchen to give them some privacy,  then she went into the bedroom with Charles to check on Bobby, and phone the authorities.

‘He called out for Nan in the middle of the night” Mark informed the rest of us. ” I heard him shout ‘Mum’ twice then he went quiet. I thought he had gone back to sleep.”

“Nan must have come for him in the night” I had the feeling that as Nan had always looked after Bobby and given him all of her love and care since he needed extra, due to him having Muscular Dystrophy that she wanted him to go with her. They had never been apart, and although Mum loved and cherished him, he needed his own mother’s ministrations.


It was rather a palaver getting poor Bobby out of the tiny house. He was after all almost 20 stone with Nan’s loving care, and manoeuvering him down the narrow staircase was a Herculean task. It was accomplished and Bobby was taken to the same undertaker that had just buried my Nan.

Tears and shock were mingled with practicalities of arranging another funeral. Trips into town to order more wreaths. Suitcases unpacked, more groceries bought; schools and workplaces phoned to explained the situation


Evening closed in, dark, cold and miserable, like us.

“I had a dreadful nightmare last night”  blurted out my mother.” I felt like someone was trying to put me into a coffin; Mum was trying to tell me something. ”

I shivered. Someone had walked over my grave….

This is in response to Writing 101. Re-create a single day.

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