It is already  Friday again!  The weeks are flying by so quickly at the moment, I can hardly keep up. The year has almost gone as well now with only a few more Fridays left.

I have found a few more posts for you about a variety of subjects which I am sure are going to impact on you in some way as they did on me.

Roughwighting We all love a compliment and this post shows that others may see us  differently than we see ourselves!

SD Gates This post is a very sad reflection of the times we live in. Unfortunately, though it is something that needs to be considered.

The V-Pub  Another reflection on the times we live in, and a very poignant song to go with it.

Nick Verron  I have not highlighted a particular post here for several reasons. This blog is not very old yet, and there are only a few posts, BUT they are all wonderful. This man is an absolute wonder! Talk about inspirational, this blog is the epitome of it.

So there you have my wonderful choices for this week. Please take a moment to visit these blogs if you haven’t already done so as they have so much to offer.

Happy Friday!