I thought that I would have a bit of a rant in today’s blog. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s bad manners. In one of the blogs I follow Storytime with John (http://storytimewithjohn.com/2014/10/31/manliness/ )    he mentions how his brother held open the door for two ladies at the University he attended, and rather than just go through it, they became offended, refused to go through the door, leaving this poor man standing there holding the door open for nobody, THEN berated him for his act of chivalry declaring  that they are quite capable of opening a door themselves!!!! Oooh, how I would have loved to have slammed it in their faces, rude and ignorant people!

I am all for equality and feminism  but good  manners have absolutely nothing to do with this whatsoever. I would hold open the door for anybody, regardless of age or sex because it is polite to do so!! I would also hope that someone would do the same for me. I certainly wouldn’t be offended by it…..

Another pet hate of mine are rude shop assistants! Yes I know everybody picks on them. I have worked in shops myself dealing with rude customers, but they are there to do a job, and if they hate interacting with the public, then why on earth work in a shop? The thing that winds me up the most is when I go to pay for something at a checkout in a shop or supermarket, and the shop assistant carries out the entire transaction without even acknowledging my presence! They are still carrying on a conversation with a previous customer/friend/colleague on the next till!!! The only interaction between us is when they hold out their hand for the money, which they snatch off you, before dumping your change in your hand and receipt. You are then dismissed, and they move on to ignore the next poor customer!

I am not keen on Supermarket shopping at the best of times, but I do resent the fact that I am so insignificant,  that the assistant carries on their discussion about their weekend/boyfriend/sex life (in my experience these assistants have all been women). If you DARE to actually talk to them and interrupt their important conversation, you are subjected to a withering look and a bit of huffing and puffing, especially if there is a problem with something!

I think it is very respectful for someone to give up their seat on public transport for an elderly person, or heavily pregnant woman, or anyone that is more deserving. I know I have done it myself, and I would expect my daughter to do it as well. I”m  not out to offend anyone by doing it, I just think it is common courtesy.

I am no lady, and when I get in a rage,can swear and curse with the best of them, but I also believe that in public, it should be toned down a bit! The amount of times I have heard mothers and fathers shouting at the top of their voices in the town centre, something along the lines of ” Come here Johnny, you little shit, before I knock your F**king head off!” I particularly hate it when parents swear directly at children, it just seems very aggressive and unnecessary!

I am pretty lucky that my husband Mr Grump, is pretty chivalrous! When we go shopping he carries all of the bags, regardless of how weighed down he gets, (Bless him, he is only skinny, and I sometimes think he will snap when they are particularly heavy)! I do offer to carry some, but he insists on doing it. This is just the way he has been brought up, If I am cold, and haven’t got a jacket, he will give me his, he opens doors etc, but not just for me. he would do the same for anyone.

As far as I am concerned, if a man wants to act like a gentleman, then I have got no problem with it. To me it just comes under the same umbrella as being kind, courteous and well-mannered, and that costs nothing, but makes a huge difference!