Well I have made it halfway through the Blogging From A-Z Challenge, and here we are at the letter ‘M.’ This a magnificent, marvellous letter, resplendent in all its majesty! The word that I have chosen for today is one that is very little used nowadays (more’s the pity), but makes me laugh when I hear it.

Mealymouthed.  This word is a kind of insincere slobbering all over someone type of behaviour. It is the sycophantic, snivelling, slavish agreeing with everything you say, (despite not believing a word of it) to get in favour, duplicity.

It is the hypocritical person that does not practice what they preach; spouting off against adulterers, yet has his own mistress! It is the politician who makes all types of artificial promises just to get elected.

The jealous rival giving you a grovelling apology for ‘accidentally’ tripping you up and making you look a fool, or the timid new kid at school awkwardly introducing herself, and going around the houses to get to the point!

Judging by that last definition, I too am a bit mealymouthed!