For today’s Tidbit post, I have decided to forego writing a poem as I have done for the previous couple of Tuesdays, and have decided to go for a bit of humour instead. (This heatwave is already far too hot for me to be adding it, by writing anything too raunchy)!

What I thought I would do is write a few of the popular euphemisms for sex that we use. be they coy or coarse, just for a bit of fun!

Rumpy-pumpy, and hanky-panky. – They sound so childish but I do love a rhyme.

Having a bit of ‘how’s your father’ – Very Carry On!

Slap and tickle – This sounds a little on the 50 Shades spectrum if you ask me!

Assault with a friendly weapon – God, how cringeworthy!

Bonking or humping – these just make me laugh.

Shagging – Yeah Baby! Very Austin Powers.

Making looooove – That always seems a bit smarmy to me, and a bit too smooth, very Mills and Boon! (I am more of a Jilly Cooper/Jackie Collins type of girl myself)!!!

Rogering – Very British!

Shafting or screwing – these sound too painful, as well as a bit DIY!

Dipping the wick – Sounds gross!

Which one is your favourite, or is it something totally different?