Can you believe that it is week 10 already of my wacky word Wednesday. I have really enjoyed doing these as they are such fun. Today I have got a bit of a rude word for you, but it sounds so funny and always makes me laugh. It has several meanings as well so a pretty versatile word all round.

Bollocks. Well doesn’t that just roll off the tongue nicely. This word is so much nicer than gonads and testes, balls and even plums. A kick in the bollocks has a much better sound to it!

This word is also babbling balderdash, meaningless mumbo jumbo, and nothing but nonsense!

What about the mutt’s nuts? This word is primped and polished, stylish and smart, in fact, perfectly pukka!

Lastly, this word used as a verb without the ‘s’ is very stern and severe, giving a good telling off, not to mention a tongue-lashing! A reproof and reprimand of the highest order

It is also one of my favourite words.