I know that I am on the Internet a lot, but I didn’t actually realise how much I relied on it until Sunday when it broke!  Occasionally it plays up a bit, but after a quick flick off and on of the router, we are back in business and all is well.

Not so, on Sunday. I did the power off and on thing, and a red light came on. That was new. I tried logging on. Computer said no! I did it again, same thing. I unplugged more cables, then plugged them all back in. Nope! Damn it! I got Mr Grump on the case, and he fiddled around with wires and cables. Nowt! Sod it!

I phoned up, finally got to speak to someone miles away, went through the rigmarole of turning off, unplugging and all the stuff we did before, plus a few new things. Zip. Bugger it!

There followed a series of phone calls, unfulfilled promises and bad-tempered tantrums (from me as well as Miss Hap) as we struggled in vain to get it working. Added to this, out phone signals are pretty rubbish, but Mr Grump has a booster thing that gives us full signal and therefore, 4G, but it is powered by….you guess it, The INTERNET! Shit to it!

Now on Mondays, I like to join in with Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge  I actually look forward to seeing what words he comes up with, and also looking at other people’s. I couldn’t get a decent signal long enough to read what the prompts were, let alone write a post.

Not only that but my windscreen was being fixed today,  which I had waited for ages for. I had to show them the insurance policy when they arrived. I have an ONLINE Policy. Plus I was being e-mailed a questionnaire for a telephone appointment I have soon which I had to send back this morning by email. FUCK it!

Yesterday, Mr Grump could bear it no longer and went to get some advice from somewhere in town! Meanwhile, I phoned the internet company again nagging at them, so they agreed to send a new router, which is where the fault lay. They informed me it would probably take a week to arrive. FUCKITY, BLOODY, BUGGER, SHIT and BOLLOCKS to it all!

Mr Grump did something when he got in yesterday to that booster thing, and we had 4G! YAY! Now I had the internet. Trying to post from my tablet with my sausage fingers and predictive text took longer than I expected, but I did it.

This morning at around 7 am, I had a text from Royal Mail informing me that they had a package from TalkTalk that they would deliver today. Yipee, my lovely new router came, and Mr Grump had it set up pronto!

Peace has resumed!