It’s Friday already, and time to share some more wonderful posts that have caught my eye over the last week. By the way, If anyone else wants to share something that they have particularly enjoyed, then by all means leave a link and we can go to check it out. This week I have some great thoughts on different topics for you to ponder over.

Lilypupslife This blog is written by Lily who is living and coping with Bipolar. This post I  thought really interesting as it is good to know what others think about things.

Reflections. This is another great post giving advice. I use this programme myself (not to its fullest potential as I do not understand it completely yet, but another read of this post should sort me out)!

Tales From The Family Crypt This is when truth really is stranger than fiction – but is it ‘too good to be true’

A Prompt Reply. There has been a challenge going around which has provoked some wonderful posts. I really liked this one as I have had first-hand experience of the effects!

Aimer Boyz This is a blog that I have recently started following, I really like. We definitely have a similar sense of humour!

So there you have your little weekly treat. Enjoy and have a very happy Friday!